Thursday, August 8, 2013

True Text. Rachet Style.

Ladies and Gentleman.
      Happy Friday! This is Rachet, the new co-admin. I will be sharing my favorite stories of the most filthy things I can myself into. From blunt, hurtful truths, all the way down to the hate-fucks. But I dont have time for people who get butt-hurt easily... So keep that negative shit to yourselves.

    Are you finding yourself wonder where this random lady came from to co-blog. Well it was quite the epiphany. One text sent and it was pretty much set in stone:
                         "Sooo. Im telling you this because you'll be the only one that understands. My lay last night ended with a high five and a reference to my vag being Narnia." It was basically Texts From Last Night Style.

     We have always shared our dirty secrets and stories, but in light of recent events. The timing is just perfect. I will answer any, and all questions. Just keep in mind, I am not quite the novel writer my Silly Slut is, But I can guarantee to keep you entertained.



  1. The world needs more good truth without worrying about being PC all the time a lot of society gets too butt hurt as you said. Narnia Nice.

  2. Narnia is a nice place. And I have come to find out most, not all, people that get bent out of shape about words typically are just reading too far into things due to a subconscious issue they have within themselves. But thank you, nonetheless.

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