Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Who's who??

So now that I am above 30,000 fans on my Facebook page... Which I thought was impossible. Really. I had no clue that this many people would give two shits about the ramblings of a divorced, young-ish, mother of a teenager, who has the sex drive of another teenager. lol. I do have a motley bunch who make up the cast of my life... and you should all know who is who so it's easy to follow along.

First and foremost... I have a 15 year old son, he's blonde blue eyed, 6 foot and cut. If I would have known my child would be so good looking, I would have waited. Because the chile is going to make me a grandmother way before I am ready. I call him Buh on the page, and in real life. The full nickname, I am no longer allowed to call him that. It's Bubba Doo Mommy Loves You. Yes, I called him that his whole toddler life. So Buh, sounds like duh, only with a b instead.

Next we'll cover my housemates. My step sister Lil D is about 2 1/2 months pregnant. Her boyfriend, T is fresh out as of Jan. Both are in their very very early 20s. Lil D has two kids... B, my nephew, who is 8 and my niece Kay, who is 4.

Now my friends...

Nan... My best best friend since I was 14. We claim that we have been friends for 976 years. Out of all of my friends, Nan is the one that is the most like me. I wouldn't have survived skipping all of high school if it wouldn't have been for her hanging out with me all the time. :) Nan's 15 year old son, Gentle Giant, is Buh's best friend.

Sissy B I lived with her for almost a year. Her and Midget (her husband) and their hoard of children were a soothing balm on my aching soul. She is one of my best friends.

Jennybae... My oldest friend. In 6th grade she was the new girl, and I told her that she could look at me like the welcome wagon, cause I wanted to be her friend. And now, she lives 3 minutes up the road from me. <3

beta is the only friend I have that makes the effort to come see me regularly. (Aside from Jennybae) I am pretty sure beta comes down so much because I cook for him when he comes. And all he has to do is say... "You wanna cook?" and I say "Whatchu want?" He brings it, I cook it and we have a blast. He's quiet and a little backwards, but a nice guy. He's a shirt-off-his-back kind of guy.

Sit<3 is my Slut in Training. She's also one of my best friends. Her son, Potato is one of Buh's closest friends.

Stupid is Buh's dad. No, we were never married. No, we weren't together that long in the scheme of things. Yes, it took us years to be friends.

Ass is my best guy friend. We fight. A LOT. I love it. We fight about him liking my page. (he has not) We fight about him bringing me a frosty. (He will not) And him not being Superman (not even close) Ass is an important man (in his head) because he is a bucket fixer. I am very proud of him, even if he does drive me insanely crazy because he does opposite everything I tell him to do.

LLH is just... amazingface. She's one of my bests. Seriously. I can't deny it. AT ALL. I was going to go out and visit her but things with Buh came up and I had to stay home, and it just sucked. I wish I could see her. She's getting married in less than weeks, and I can't be there. :( LLH is short for Lovely Licket Holder. (Best nickname ever)

Douchebag is my ex. The name should say it all.

Regulars... did I leave anyone out??



  1. >>Her boyfriend, T is fresh out

    Out of what? Condoms? Deodorant? Spare change?

    1. "Fresh out" means he's just been released from prison.

  2. Can a Yoda Whore/Goldicocks not get a shout-out? Wtf?

    1. Yes, Yoda Whore can get a shout out... LMFAO! LOVE YOU YODA WHORE!!!

    2. Thank you *waves her hand all princess style*

  3. You are AWESOME! I look forward every day to your lovely posts!