Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lillith Be Proud

Arms around me. Listening to me breathe. Praying for the next moan to caress your ear. Lift me up, press my body against you. Feel me tremble from being held so tight. Tell me what you want from me, you will have it. Fill the hollows of my body with your kisses. Take bites of the swells that create my curves. Whisper dark nothings into my soul, promise me broken vows. It's all lies, all of it, except my body writhing under your touch. The only truth is the whett you've created, the sweet death of my virtue. The feeling of 'Home' as you slide into me is a dishonesty, and we both know it. But let's ignore the fact that passion needs not any other emotion other than wantoness. Fill me, make me scream for mercy as you contort my physical being into positions it's never dreamed of. I will cry tears of blood, begging you to let me go, let me crash against the depths of nothingness and come back to life. Drink from me, let me be your eternity of hatred. Hate me and need me all at once. I will feel this way about you. I will hate the lie you have become, yet need the control you have over me. I will run rampant, Lillith be proud. I will cum for you, I will bleed for you. Let your hands move through the slick mess I have upon my skin. Know my flaws and punish me for them. Throw me down, take from me everything I have. Let me be your paramour of evil, your mistress of pain. This is what I deserve. I do not deserve roses and wine, I deserve the heaviness of the chain I have upon my throat, the sting of your slap on the thicker parts of me. Leave your mark, as they all have. Welt my skin. Scar my soul. And as I lay here covered in your sweat and my tears and our cum, I will laugh. Blood still in my mouth, I can taste you. I will know you. I will own you as you own me. Because I will be the one who lets your monster out, and relish it. I will coax the truth of you out, while showing you the brokeness in me. Every time we touch, it will be a small death. Every time you are inside me, demanding I give more than I own, it will be an exquisite torture. Sex is so primal, so basic, and I have to make it more, always more. Come to me, never leave my silken embrace. Cum for me, always giving me more.


  1. drip...drip...drip...

  2. I love this - it brings tears to my eyes . . .