Sunday, January 1, 2012

Giggling in the New Year.

I hope you have/are practiced/ing safe drinking and serious fucking on this, the ushering in of the year 2012. I am doing neither, safely or otherwise. Don't fret. I have still had an amazing night... even with no one to kiss at midnight. I thought it would be a big thing... but it wasn't. Hell... I had to pop a headphone out of my ear to be able to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

My weekend has been pretty good... I spent it with Nan, and we always have a good time... ALWAYS. Ass stopped over and hung out with us for a few hours Friday night. I think we might have surprised him with how funny we are together. It was fun. Somehow it got brought up about him cleaning her house.... As that was being said I started bitching about him bringing a what?? Thhhaaaaaaat's right... a mah fuggin FROSTY! He says "I'll be right back, go ahead and hold your breath." I giggle, Nan asks what? I look at her and say "He said for YOU to hold your breath..." She laughs, and says he was talking to me. I start bitching about the frosty again, he smiles and repeats himself about breath holding and waiting for him... He's such an Ass!!! And I still have no frosty!!

Nan and I spent all day Saturday talking about things from our teenage years, mistakes we've fucked, parties we had, our old clique. Then we went to Wal*Mart and acted fools there.... because we do what we do. I love going to Wal*Mart with her. We will literally play Marco Polo or hide and seek or even just yell across the store play bickering with each other.... it's even worse when we have the boys (her son is 2 months older than Buh... Yeah, we are THAT CLOSE.) But the boys are just as bad as we are... So you have ALL FOUR OF US acting like uncaged unmedicated mental patients. And if there is anywhere to act like that, it's WalMart... because really... who's there that you gotta impress?? The best is going with people who embarrass easily... Neither Nan or I get embarrassed.

Came back, got dinner ready, watched some stand up, and rang in the new year with people who love me. Second year in a row I was with Nan, and sober. It's not a tradition I am going to buck. I love her. I love her parents. I love her kid. I do have some amazing friends that I have had for 976 years and more. lol

I just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone!! And here's to making 2012 bigger, harder, faster, more.

~The Slut.


  1. happy new you too girl

  2. Love you, Slut! So glad you had a great New Years Eve! *Kisses*

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