Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I miss...

I was thinking Sunday morning as I was laying in my bed... all by my lonesome... I miss lazy Sunday sex. You know what that is? It's not even just one go-round. It's waking up, smiling and off with any jammies and on with the lets-not-hurry-this-lets-just-take-all-day-and-enjoy-it sex. Where you take your time, you have round one, then you take a nap, or get some food, but you don't shower cause you know you will do it again in a little while.  You spend all day in bed. You watch a movie in bed, you eat in bed, you talk in bed.... and you do serious amounts of pleasuring IN BED.

I know, I know!! I am The Slut. I should only talk about random wild fuckings in the craziest of crazy places and the randomest of random partners. I *am* the girl who had sex in downtown Pittsburgh in a thunderstorm. (Sorry Aunt PS... I know you follow and you prolly don't wanna know all that!! But hey, you are my {and always have been my} fave aunt... so I am cool with you knowing crap. lol) But my point is, not every single encounter has to be a Penthouse Letter. Right? I don't always have to want that do I?

Am I losing my Slutdom?? Craving something so mundane and pedestrian?? Can I want something so easy and domesticated, and still pull off the daring and there's-no-way-you-did-that-you-read-it-in-a-magazine-somewhere encounters? I don't want someone to make love to me... I am cool on that. I just want something passionate, and hot, even though it's not throw me on the bed and own me.

That word... I think that's where I am stuck. PASSIONATE. I haven't really had that since DB. I haven't had anyone make me feel like I was the only girl in the world for a little while. I want to be touched like I was porcelain, kissed like fire, and ravished like tomorrow isn't an option. I want to be WANTED. I want to be desired. I want to be seduced. I want to be spellbound for a night. I want to be just as bewitched as I am bewitching. 

I honestly just want a weekend where I can play house. Lemme take care of you, lemme cook dinner, lemme rub your back, lemme wait on you hand and foot... and as thank you show me ecstasy that will make me weak for a few hours. Then, you can go on home to your life, and let me have mine. I don't even want it every weekend... just one soon. Blech. I hate this shit.

Why does it have to always be so complicated? Why can't I just have what I want? It's not even like I want a relationship, I'm not even asking for any type of monogamy... just make me shudder and cum. Give me goosebumps... I promise I will be grateful. I'm not the normal girl who's going to catch feelings about you being buried inside me... No matter how good it is. Right now... I just want my weekend... Of just amazing sex.... repeatedly... just catch me up on the last 5 months so I am not ready to throat punch everyone.

Hell I'd be happy with just a day of lazy Sunday sex.



  1. Nice imagery but its goddamn Wednesday. I stumbled upon your writing in the middle of the night while waiting for the sun to rise. Thanks for passing some of my time.

  2. I used to love that, I have kids now, probably because of it lol

  3. Sundays used to be lovely days...til he messed everything up! Anyway, your blog made my afternoon. Thanks, Jill

  4. BTW, do you have a facebook page?
    I found you cause someone totally pimped your blog. The MFP. It took me 10 minutes of scrolling to find the link.


      If you come follow me, let me know by posting on my wall!! <3

    2. Slick and silly one.. perhaps you are losing your Slutdom, but what you long for, desire and crave is something much more real, valuable and precious... True Love and Devotion. Real Romance and Passion is a God-given desire in the Hearts and Souls of all human beings. It is a reflection in flesh of the Love and Romance that God has for His Children... US! (If you don't beleive me, take a little time and read the "Song of Soloman" in the Old Testament; it is one of the most passionate pieces of literature in all history!)
      This- True Love, Devotion, Romance and Passion (which is as Eternal as the Universe) is what I, too, so strongly desire and have not known since the woman of my dreams, the mother of my children, my soul mate, divorced me so many years ago. To me a wild,crazy and fantastic night of sex is like snorting two lines of pure coke... an incredible rush that lasts but a short time and leaves you craving for more.