Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A what??

Since I met Nan, in a creative writing class as a freshman in high school, she has bitched at me to write a book. For a very very long time my mother would boast of my wordsmithing abilities, my sister has even told me a few times that I am a good. But Nan has been the one to push me the most. I never thought I could. I have problems with beginning middle and end, for a story line. I always start with the middle... Or the juicy parts. Then I don't continue the story after the juicy parts. I told you the part I wanted you to know. I don't care about what happened before or what happened after. I want you to know about the feelings of being wrapped up in that one moment. I don't want you to suffer through the mundane of my characters lives. I don't even want you to think of them as characters... I want you to see yourself in that moment. Yourself, and the person that would most fit with you. I want you to honestly feel like I peeked in and pulled your fantasy from the depths of your mind. Or woke something inside you that you didn't think was there. And this prevents me from doing a traditional story line. Which, a book needs, no way around that.

But I was laying in bed the other night, and my brain was on auto-pilot and bouncing from subject to subject without me policing it. I, of course, ended up on the topic of sex a few times.... Different people, different places, different times, and then on to other, more mundane things, like getting a job, paying the bills, getting things in order the right way, what I want to do with my life. And I do want to write a book. I just have no idea how to. I think I *may* have a good idea as to how to do it... but I have to write a little bit and see if I can get it to work. Maybe I will write a bit and post it and get some feedback about it. Would you guys be up to helpin a Slut out like that?? I need honesty, but not brutality. Can I trust you guys with that??

Lemme know. <3



  1. Throw it out there, I'll try to keep up. I read a bit, no Lit degree but I'm OK.I'd like ti write someday but should have started making notes 20 years ago.

  2. Looking forward to reading what you've got to say!! Adding this to my little google reader now.

  3. Well, I would Soooooo be up to read one of your stories. I have been impressed with your stories thus far, I cannot wait to see what you write. And I am by no means a whiz at writing, or wording things, but, I can offer this advice on writing. As you said, it is difficult to come with a good story, cause you want to hit it hard with all the juicy parts, so consider when you write, imagine if your stories started like sex! It has a start, warm up, interlude, amazing rollorcoaster ride, climatic moment, fin! I myself, personally look forward to your writing, as they say in German, viel Glück!

  4. I'll buy and read it. have you read "My Brother Jack"? check it out - doesn't have a beginning, middle, end but i loved it (while at school admittedly..)

  5. what about a collection of your middles?