Saturday, March 3, 2012

The first night

So it's my first night here at Chateau de Père. I haven't gotten anything done that I thought I would have gotten done. I have sat my fat ass here at the breakfast bar and played buck euchre with Lil D (My step sister) and her man. My friend beta stopped out to see the place and hang out for a bit.

The bedroom is still back there, full of disarray and chaos. Clothes thrown everywhere, a disassembled ceiling fan in the corner, just crap everywhere. The only two things I have to complain about with getting this room is that #1 the only window is itty bitty tiny. I like big windows and lots of natural light. And the decor, kinda. You know those decal, decoration, words on the wall things? Okay, so one or two is okay, depending on what they say. The one by the door... it says "Live Laugh Love" or some shit like that. I can deal with that. I've done the triple L thing a few times. The one above where the head of the bed will go?? Absolutely hilarious... It's something about a home being somewhere where everyone feels welcome. (Yes, I laughed.) But there's one over each of the night stands. Something about Love one Another or something, and there's one on the opposite wall about Family.... those kinda kill the whole single-girl-lookin-for-a-good-time and make me look like a stalker-crazy-skank-in-the-making. I still have to check the bed and see if cleaning it worked. I hated putting my bed in storage, but I enjoyed my gypsy life last summer.

It was great. Buh was either in NC with his dad, or was in TN with my sister and my mom. There were nights that I didn't know where I was going to stay, or who I was going to stay with. It was freeing and exhilarating. I couch surfed for awhile before settling with Sissy for awhile. It let me learn about myself in a way that I wouldn't had I stayed where I had been.

Lil D says dad isn't around much. He stops in once a day and changes clothes and goes to work. He sleeps at the apt. (It's a complicated situation, and it's none of my business to be completely honest. But yes, my dad and step mom live in an apt in the township over, and own this house in the 'docks.) There's so much the house needs. A decent sized dining room table and chairs, the grouting and tiling need finished in the kitchen and bathroom, doorknobs need replaced, the lighting needs capped off and finished. And curtains... My gawd it needs curtains. And I guess it's a grand to fix the pool and get it ready for Summer. I need a job. Too bad I can't get paid to just blog and facebook and hang out. Life would be so grand. I would be soooo balla.

Anylaid, I am avoiding doing the shit I need to do, even tho I am sooo tired and ready to crawl in bed. I hope Jennybae brings my bedding tomorrow so I have enough blankets and sheets. And I hope Nan remembered to grab my pillows from Sissy's. But I *HAVE* to get off my ass and go at least put the bed down if I want to sleep tonight. And since no one has done it for me... I will go pout about it now. :(


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