Friday, March 30, 2012

As I sit here

As I sit here on a Friday night, among a myriad of dirty dishes that need washed, three loads of clean dishes that need put away, a smelly puppy in my lap who wouldn't die if I bathed her, and a master bedroom that STILL needs unpacked, I just don't have the get up and go to take care of all of it. I have hit a slump.

It has been 5 months since I have been turned out. There are many who seem interested, but when it comes down to it, they aren't coming through. Then there's the stupid one that *I* want, and he isn't on it. I guess I am just not as amazing as some people think. SADFACE SLUT. Oh and I have those friends who are convinced that he's on it, I am just not putting it out right. But for real, I put it out there the way it's gotta be. I don't see anything wrong with "Let's fuck until something else happens." Enough about that, I am going back to complaining about all the other ones.

Don't call me and tell me you want to spend some time, then not come through. I am not a backup plan. Don't tell me you look at my pics and about nut on yourself, then not make some time. I can't get together on a week night, I have a kid who is old enough to know what's going on.... and no one wants to see their mom like that. Don't fawn over me, cause that shit just gets on my nerves. I just needed to blast that out.

Oh and I recently took some half decent pics and I can't send them where I would get an honest fucking answer because boys are fucking stupid and should have rocks thrown at them.

Well... I have avoided my responsibilities all day. I guess I need to get at them. :/



  1. I am right there with you! Ugh.

  2. Just breath and will all work out in the end.

  3. I know the feeling, i do that alot myself.

  4. what if i come in do your dishes and leave...

  5. Sounds like a bad predicament SS... I imagine the pics came out great though, if you think they were half decent, they are probably great, we're all usually our own toughest judges. I imagine being a single mom to be the toughest job on the planet, so hats off to you for working around that as well, your time will come to, and I am sure you will as well. And I'd have to agree, watching the way most men/boys I knew growing up treated, talked about, and thought about women, I would also have to agree they need rocks thrown at them, except we are too stubborn, use something bigger and heavier, leave a lasting impression.

  6. two tween age daughters who know the score so I am sooo into where u are coming from. And I have got one of those boys myself - I waaaaaaaaaant him, know he wants me too can't seem to get 'there' though. Know what I mean?