Monday, December 26, 2011

The Doormat Part One -- The EnVogue Playa

It was recently been brought to my attention that there is a breed that needs addressed.... The Doormat. This is that one friend you have that bends over backwards for someone who is OBVIOUSLY not into them. There are two forms of this... there's the Pussy Whipped Boy/ Dick Busted Bitch, and the EnVogue Playa. We're gonna talk about the second group in this blog... Cause there's A LOT I have to say about this shit.

The EnVogue Playa... Let me explain the name first. Not everyone is going to understand it, you kind of have to be old enough to remember the group EnVogue and one of their biggest hits. 'Never Gonna Get It.' Are the pieces falling into place now?? Everyone knows this guy, sadly enough this happens to guys more than girls. This guy will drop $200 on a new wardrobe for you, buy you the newest phone, hangs on to your every word, will even hop up and scurry across the room for you when you want to sit where he's at. Girls also call this guy a Sugar Daddy, because life is fucking sweet when you ain't gotta do shit to get taken care of.

This guy has zero chance of hitting it. You know it from jump. He, on the other hand, hasn't a fucking clue. He thinks the sweeter he is, the more he gives, the better his chances are of gettin in them panties. Truth is, if he threw the two's at you and started ignoring you, sportin a rolex (that he could afford if he wasn't supporting you and your habits) talkin to your hot friend... You would be all.the.fuck.over.him. If he called you on your bullshit "I am just focusing on me right now, I can't be in a relationship right now" and said "Ai'ght... You do you, Imma do me." You would freak the fuck out.

Women don't want this shit handed to us in the beginning. Make her work for it. I don't know why, but we love dicks. It's the challenge... We want to break them. These guys have the edge if they would just open their damn eyes. Because we do want a guy who is going to give us everything... but we want everything because we worked for it, we deserve it. You want to give us everything... if you just make it seem like we're working for it... You are in there... and ain't nothing going to get you back out of there.

If you need a coach, FIND ONE. I am positive you have a friend who has some game, and if YOU don't... I am sure one of your friends DO. For guys in this position, it's best to have a female coach. We've got the inside track. We'll be able to tell you who/what/when/where and how fucking hard. This is especially helpful if the coach knows the girl who is running you... because face it-- You are NOT the pimp, YOU are the trick. And you are being turned... with.a.fucking.quickness. This doesn't mean she is purposely fuckin with you, I promise. This is why--

Some girls are so used to being used and abused that when a good guy comes along, she takes advantage of it. She can't really help it, and shouldn't be held completely responsible for her blatant disregard of your nice-guy disease. This just makes it more imperative that you play the game... Because if you don't.... You will be worse than friend zone'd.... you will be brother'd. 99.9% of guys in the Brother Zone never recover. This is compared to 95% of guys in the Friend Zone. STFU, you hang on to that slim chance, you'll hang on to that almost 5% like it's your oxygen tank.

She may just be out of your league. This happens. You just take what you have learned and you move on. The best match for you is another EnVogue Playa... cause then you can just be you... they can just be them... and it'll fit. There's as much give as there is take. The only way you are going to get this in the situation you are in now is to break her. Yeah yeah yeah it sounds horrible and painful for the girl. But really... it's not. It's breaking her of all the misconceptions of what things are. Good guys = Weak guys. No girl wants a weak guy.

My advice?? Find your Alpha friend... LISTEN TO HIM. His game might end between the sheets... that doesn't mean your's has to. Everyone's game has a different end point, some only want you to want them, some are playin for forever, some just want fucked. Your game can end when she's where you want her. Get your girl... Be happy.. Every once in awhile make her work for it... because TRUST she's going to make you work for it.

Good Luck


  1. Or, just find a girl whos not a stupid cunt.

    -Colby Jack

  2. its a bitch being stuck in friend zone and my ass has been brothere'd plenty of times so i said fuck you and bailed...that chick would not leave me alone after that!!!!

  3. This is awesome, and so accurate

  4. Lol! Too funny! I like it. Gotta ask tho, why would you wanna work for something you deserve, when it's not what you really want anyway? I agree the challenge is fun, but is it always worth it? And, for me, being a dick has nothing to do with having good game. Just gotta know how to play the cards that are dealt ;) Love ya

    Jeremy P&Q

  5. Jeremy, if I don't work for it, how can I deserve it? And I won't want it if it's just handed to me... If it's that easy for me to get it, it's going to be that easy for it to be taken from me. And being a dick isn't always game... but it has it's perks when you play the cards.


  6. OK, This is great stuff!! When is Part Two?

  7. ROFL this is soo true, had at least 3 buddies that were constantly gettin the "you're like a brother", or the "I don't want ot risk our friendship" routine. It sucked watching it too because they would literally drop 100's, sometimes thousands on these particular chicks, and they'd get pissed, because IMO, the girls that were doin it to them were easy, and it was a smaller town, making it even worse for them because pretty much all the girls seemed to play on the string em along for a few weeks, get bills caught up, get a few nice gifts, then friend zone 'em. HAHA Love your blogs though, ROFL too true, too often!


    That's a nice guy right there ....not weak ...might be fictional ...but still someone with those morals and that strong of a moral stature isn't weak...just a real nice good guy...he'll make you work for him...just cause he's so nice you'll make sure you'll never wanna let him go..

  9. Sometimes guys just make it too easy to use do girls... I had a guy that spent lots o money on me, tho I did give him the courtesy of telling him he was never gonna get any. Apparently he didnt mind...or didnt believe me...cuz he kept spending...haha. But I do love a doormat...they help keep ur house clean :) Love ur blog btw :)

  10. U hit it right on the money slut. Love reading the blogs and hope things look u for u. Havent emailed u in awhile might just have to do that. Anyway stay u and it will go fabulous :)