Monday, December 5, 2011

Secret Admirer

I didn't write this... It was written for me.... I really liked it so I figured I would share it... Maybe I will luck out and the writer behind it will come forward. *sigh*

A beauty, we met but once
Our eyes glanced unknowingly,
yet with a slight glint of the familiar.

You didn't know me, but you came to me
Your hand extended, greeting with a smile
Introductions, our skin touched.

In a moment I knew you, everything
lips upon your neck, you shivered
Embracing the caress of my hand, wanting.

Encumbered no more, with silk or satin
we lay unashamed, together, sweat waiting.
Fingertips trace my desire around your breast.

Intensity builds, like a fire first kindled, consumes.
Arching back, like a bridge waiting to be crossed,
skin stretched taught against an onslaught of lashings.

Overwhelmed, wet as if the rain itself was pounding
Drowning in a storm, lost in a sea, orgasmic.
Floating now upon rolling waves of contentment...

In a moment we are there together, passionate.
I knew it the moment we touched, together,
this vision, third eye opened by your gentle touch.....


  1. WOW. This is....the hottest thing I've ever read. You really need to track this guy down and fuck his brains out. If you don't, I WILL!!!

  2. Absolutely DELICIOUS ...:)

  3. This you, very pretty am fan who can light ur fire

  4. WOW WOW WOW Love it :)

  5. Holy shit. I know someone who writes this way. I hope it's not the same boy... Cause I found him first. ;)


  6. It's not the same boy, Goldi.......

    Silly Admirer
    Love to the Beauty who lives here