Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oh really? So this is how it is? Cool.

So, tonight, as I was rearranging my friends on my personal list, so that I can post my blog on my personal page to specific people, I noticed I was missing a friend. Odd. I go up to the search bar, I slowly start typing in the name.... nothing. Not even a "Oh, he was being a dick and unfriended you." I flip over to the profile I use to run the page, and type the name in again. BAM! There he is. Really?? Are you fucking kidding me?? You BLOCKED me??? OH MY MOTHER FUCK ME!

What is it? Did you read the blog and realize I wasn't sitting here waiting like a good girl?? Hoping and praying that you would pick me over her?? Fuck that. We both know I am too bad assed to twiddle my thumbs over you. I wasted a year of my life waiting on someone to decide what the fuck they were doing. And it was 11 months and 2 weeks too gotdamn long. I wasn't about to wait on you. As soon as I heard it in your voice that you weren't done with her, I was moving on.
Did you read the blog and realize that there was someone else on my radar? Go fuck yourself. For real. Not like you weren't fucking her the whole damn time you were talking to me.
We've known each other for more than half our lives. Are you seriously going to treat me like this?? Jesus fuck, grow the fuck up.
Or the most realistically, did she realize you fucked me? Did she figure out that you'd FINALLY tagged it, and now her insecurities have forced you to remove me from your life?? Well, look honey... If you weren't done with her... you shouldn't have fucked me. And since you did fuck me, you shouldn't have been hiding it. You aren't really pimp honey, you shouldn't have tried to be. You obviously can't pull it off... So for future reference, don't try it. Stick with the sensitive, emo boy routine. You can't pull off pimp. You should let her read this blog, cause fer realz, I've been off that... Ever since I smelled a True Alpha, and been tryina be on THAT.

If you are makin shit work with her, good for you. You coulda just said "Hey, Sniffles, I think I am going to put everything into her. That's where I am going to be." You know what I woulda said?? "Cool, you do you. I wasn't sure if I was feelin this or not anyways. I was kinda thinkin about tryina get with this one..." I wish you all the luck in the world.... I'm not being catty, and I am not being childish, but you won't be happy with her. She's too young, you say that all the time... You want someone to take care of you. Baby you when you are sick, and coddle you when you are upset. Nothing wrong with that... nothing at all. Do you think she's going to start doing it now?? It's been two years or a touch more, she hasn't been there to do it yet.... what makes you think she's going to start now?? Jus' sayin'.

I am angry, and I would love to put your shit on blast. But I won't. I am a grown up. I am not mad that you want to make it work with her. I am mad that yet again, you don't respect me enough to open your fucking mouth and talk to me like an adult. I am mad that you treated me like some love sick teenaged girl. Baby, you got life FUCKED UP! You don't have it like that. Not anymore. Don't crawl back when shit falls apart and you realize she's not enough. I won't be here. No matter if someone else has swept me away, or if I am still livin the single life, it's not going to matter, I'm cool on having you in my life.

Just know, you will always be The Boy... The Boy who lost. The Boy who couldn't pull it out and be someone honest. The Boy who will never have his best friend again. I wanted us to be friends. I really did. I wanted to always have you as a friend. No matter what happened with if we worked or if we just fucked around or what have you. Guess I thought you were more mature than that. I've been wrong before, I will probably be wrong again... It's all good.

..... Maybe Rí will be the man you couldn't be. Cause


Deuced up.

To the girl... I don't know what the deal is between the two of you, and right now I don't really care. He said you bounced, I pounced. I put it down, and I lost interest. I'm already off that, so you do what you do... I couldn't and wouldn't give another fuck.



  1. OH SNAP! Done fucked up din't he? Oh well!! Why don't you try to date ass? good relatnships are based on solid freindships. j/s

  2. wow, hes competing with douchebag for douchebag of the year award!!!! youre waaaaayyyyy to good for him anyways!

  3. Can I just remind you of my experience a few weeks ago? & add a big ol what the fuck is wrong with these guys?

    Oh holy hell.

    Xo, Goldi

  4. Dig it Sister. I enjoy that you are a strong woman and do as YOU will do, not as others would think you should. And not hard on the eyes either. heh. Anyway, keep talkin, doll face, I am listenin.