Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jealous Much??

Yes, I may be a little weird. I enjoy when someone is possessive and jealous because I am paying attention to someone else. I find it heartwarming and fuckin hella funny. Watch that stalker box, see who I am commenting... follow me... Yes my boy, do this. Then try to glean information from it. Am I fucking him?? Hmmm... I am not sure this is any of your business. If I want to, I will. HAVE I fucked him?? That's adorable. Also, none of your business. But if I did, it would probably make it easier to do it again.... dontchathink? Are you nervous? Does he pose a threat to you?? I would LOVE to know why you are concerned about him. I don't really talk about him when I talk to you. I mean, I do in passing. But do I sound rapturous when I do? Do I sound lovesick? I don't think I do, until you bring it up. Then I make him sound like Prince Charming because that's what you want me to do.

Yeah, I am pretty fuckin sure I could fuck him if I wanted. I might have to wait for the opportunity, both of us available, and in need... but yeah, he finds me attractive... and he ain't half bad. Oh shit. THAT'S what it is isn't it?? He's the right body type.... He's bigger than you. And you know I like that. D'awwwh. That's cute. Big boys make you feel inferior with me. You can't grow another 3 inches, and you freak when I tell you to put on some weight. I'm sorry sweetheart, I like when my guys are all big boys. It makes them intimidating to other guys who think they might be able to get the drop on me.

I'm not afraid of him hurting me... it's like I said... The only way he would hurt me is if I was bent over beggin him to smack my ass and pull my hair. Then he would oblige. Other than that, he's not going to hurt me. He has no reason to, he's not a douche. A jerk, yes. But all my 'big scary guy friends' are jerks. Hilarious, good guy under the asshole veneer, jerks. It's the only way I roll.

Even if I am/was/plan on fucking him on the regular, it's not your business... YOU aren't fucking me. YOU aren't my boyfriend. YOU are fucking someone else right now. So really, the bed I am writhing in has nothing to do with you. Are you scared someone else is getting their mind blown? It's a definite possibility someone else is knockin the bottom out. I never played like I was going to ONLY be with you. I am honest, I have needs, I need sex like I need air baby. If you aren't going to do it... there are others waiting in line. I am too cute to fuckin wait on you to decide if you want me or not. Maybe you should take a look at that jealousy and realize that you already know what a fuckin catch I am... and either do something about it or stop letting it bother you...

Because if you keep letting it bother you... I am going to keep making it look worse and worse, all the while giggling about how sprung you are.

Cause that's also how I roll.


  1. 3 words. You fucking rock. or, Love your ass! or OMG, LMFAO, SMH. You pick ;)

  2. Ah, insecurity. Sometimes it's so much fun, other times they just need to grow the fuck up. At least you can have fun with it!

  3. U got to do your thing cause u only ive once lmfao

  4. Sounds like you are having a blast with this. LOL.... so is this about The Boy? The readers must know! Lol...

  5. YOU ARE MY HERO!!! LET get you a cape and some thigh high fuck me boots!

  6. Rissa, just get me the cape... I already own the boots. :P

  7. lol i dont get it but what ever im just a crazy staler who reads your blog cause you have funny picts on fb.

  8. Wow. Talk about a message about not judging people. It's funny how through the whole first part I have one idea, and then at the end I realize I was completely wrong.

    1. What did you expect? What did you think was happening?