Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Game

you are there, sitting next to me, hand on my thigh. fingers twitching with the longing of smoothing up into warmer recesses. I always smile and act coy. it's a game, and we both know it. it's the "who's going to loose first" game. i'll part my knees just a touch, just enough for your hand to slip just a little. i see the sweat bead up on your brow, it's cute how easy it is for me to win this. i'll sigh and put my head on your shoulder. you'll kiss the top of my head. we're trying so hard to be chaste, but it's a loosing battle. i'm going to make an excuse for us to stand up. i can't move my next chess piece unless i can wrap my arms around your neck and press the stretch of my body against yours. and i can... i'll press my face into your neck and sigh again, this time with a hint of a moan in the back of my throat. you won't be able to help yourself, you'll pull me closer, you'll smell my skin. your hands will run from my lower back to my hips and up to my ribs. and this, of course, will be your first serious move. you've put your pawn out in the open, silly silly boy. i will take it with a brush of my lips across your throat and a smile that says 'you know you are going to loose.' and i let go, walking away. you are going to watch as long as you can then we both know you will follow. Ohhh lookie... your car is right here and for some reason i need to touch the windshield wipers. you don't see what i could possibly be reaching for, because all you seem to notice is how short my skirt is. and how splayed across the hood of your car puts me at a curious angle. i laugh to myself. i don't have to see it or hear it... i smell it coming. hands on my hips again, you are behind me. pressing into me, i bite back my own moan. where did my shirt go? hell i don't remember loosing it... maybe because the feel of your mouth on my back is suddenly the most important thing in the world, but that... that's normal. hands on my ribs bringing my upper half to mold against your chest... mouth on the nape of my neck, hands everywhere. i fleetingly wonder if you grew more, before giving in to the moan that has been fighting its way out of my throat. once it frees itself i hear your own in echo to mine. i still have a few more moments before i loose. i hope that pushing my ass into you and moaning again will be enough to break you. no, not yet, but close. it's close enough that now your hands are reaching under my skirt... there i know i have won now. fingers whett as soon as you touch me, you couldnt help but to utter your own curses when you felt no fabric barrier between me and you. legs trapped between you and the car, you shove a foot against mine to spread my legs. you run your hands back down my ribs to my hips, knowing full well this will make me bend back over and arch my body. i hear your zipper and i smile to myself. i look over my shoulder and let you see my triumph. tell me i've won, or i'll finish myself and make you watch, then leave. for a second a split second, i don't think you can tell me what i want to hear. maybe we pushed too far this time? no, no no no no. you smile, like the cat in the cream, and you pull me back against you and as you slide the hard length of you into my soft secret, you whisper in my ear 'you won. i can't take not being burried inside you not one second longer.' the combonation of the two acts so invasive and yet so tender, make me cum immediately. my chest flat now, against the cold metal of the hood, i have nothing to grab onto, nothing to hold. i feel as if i am flailing in the darkness. your hands on my wrists instantly calm me. wrapped now, behind my back my hands are pinned. i hear you, whispering dark arts and desolate dreams, i can't take it... my body disassembles and is one with the cosmos for a few short moments. i cum so hard for you, and as if on command, as if the realization of that simple thing causes me to let go again. has it been minutes or days? i can't tell any longer. The car is warm under me, and you are becoming more frantic... i know you are close too. i hit again, and as soon as i start falling from the far side of my orgasm, you cum too. falling on my back, laughing like teenagers, you kiss my cheek and stand back up. you have my shirt in your hand, i put it back on... still playing coy, yet i haven't figured out a way to hide that evil glint in my eye. i crawl into the front seat of the car, and after you turn the key, your hand lands on my thigh. and i open my knees just enough to make your hand slip.... and we start all over again...