Friday, November 4, 2011

Dancin at 7:30 on a Friday morning??

That's right... I am sittin here boppin to LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It, smoking a cigarette, gettin kidders ready for school. (They are watchin Robots on FX right now.) Yes, I called THE Boy last night. He yelled at me cause I fell asleep Thursday morning and he tried calling me again. While we were on the phone, lots of things were discussed and traipsed about and giggled over and pseudo planned. I am happy when we are just bullshitting, discussing things like religion, and ink, and music, and family. We talked about family too. About what's going to happen when he looses what I have lost, and how he's going to freak out. And he admires me for staying so strong.

We talked about music, and how he had Adam Lambert's What Do You Want From Me stuck in his head. I played it. Just cause sometimes that helps. It's NOT his style of music. Not even close. But for some reason he says it fits how he feels right now. hmmmmmm... veddy veddy interesting. Jus' sayin'.

So, for your listening pleasure....

How would YOU take that???


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