Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Like it or not, I am still a girl

And sometimes I will be moody, and mushy and all feelings about shit. But mostly it's just about the people I love. I'm not in love with anyone, not in a romantic way. But I do have a lot of love in me, and it spills to the ones I hold close to my heart. This blog is for them.

Nan has been my best friend since I was 14. She's been there, she's held me when I cried. I can not express how much I love her. So close, we had babies 2 months apart. Bitch got me knocked up... I swear that shit is contagious!! I love you Nan... even when I am mad, even when you are mad. I love you.

Jennybae I have known since 6th grade, when I was the outgoing friendly girl who walked up to the shy quiet new girl and said "HAI! I guess you could call me the welcome wagon, cause I wanna be your friend!" She's known secrets and giggles for as long as I can remember. She is my sister. Jennybae, you are amazing. I love you sweetheart, and you will find your complete happiness. I feel it in my bones.

Sissy B is a fucktabulust best friend that I can't even describe. She's THERE, every day with me... in the trenches, helping me come out of everything bad that's happened to me. She listens every time I need to spout. I love her like a crackwhore loves suckin dick. Sissy B.... I love you and Midget. Thank you for bringing me into your family, and playing mom and dad to me... it's cute and it's funny and I adore it.

Ass... Oh he is going to be mad about being on the mushy list... but I love him. He went out of his comfort zone and was a supportive, amazing friend when my mom died. Cope and deal Sweets... it's a good thing when I can say that. Don't get all excited... I ain't lettin you hit it again... I don't love you all like that. But if you ever need me... I'm here. Takes a bit more than being a good friend and bending me over to make me fall in love... so you are PERFECTLY SAFE! (You aren't even in the line up anymore.... so that should tell you something.) But it's fun to flirt with you and run my mouth!! :P

I want to give a special mention to those in The Neighborhood. You know who you are... And I love you too. It's nice to have you there when I need to hide.

And of course... my deviants.... I couldn't have survived loosing my mom without my page and those who follow it. I <3 you all too... you guys make the work worth it.

So... For all of you.....



  1. I'm a little disappointed I'm not on this list. Not in the I'm gonna go cry in a corner way. Just a little saddened. Still love ya though.


  2. I didn't list everyone. Not even close. I know I have missed people who belong on this list... but right at that moment... these people were on my mind. So they needed the props.

  3. i love you too!! and i dont think none of us could get through life without you babe! :*