Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ahhh huuummm yeaaaahhhhh

So, I am slightly impaired and it's after 3 am when I start this. For some reason I always want to blog when I am not in a sober state of mind. I am not quite sure of this reason, but I'll roll with it this once. If it works out rock on, if it doesn't, they will stay in the 'edit' folder until I can fix them. lol

Completely random.... I woke up Monday with a thumb sized burn mark on the back of my wrist. WOKE UP with it. It's blistered and everything. Sad thing? I have no idea where it came from. None. And I was sober as a 4 year old preacher's kid. It hurts. I don't like it at all. And Friday I hurt my damn neck. I thought it had stopped hurting, but it started again. Sunday night I took a painkiller and fell asleep on the loveseat with my laptop open, in front of me, headphones in, music blaring. I VAGUELY remember waking up and moving. It was laughable. Monday I felt so much better.... until later that night. BLECH. I am just kicking my own ass left and right.

Tonight, a friend came and hung out with me for a bit. He's having an issue that I can relate to. To tell, or not to tell and all the fears that go along with it. I think he should tell. I told him (because of the fear factor) to email her. He said he would have to do it face to face or over the phone. I said 'that fuckin bites dude.' He's terrified of the same thing I was... losing a friend. That and embarrassment. That's a fear too. BLECH. It sucks to put yourself out there and not know what is going to happen. Because anything can happen. The Apocalypse can occur when you put your feelings out there. In the best case, he could end up in a mature honest conversation about what's going on. Worst case, he loses his friend. Somewhere in the middle is where it will most likely fall.... IF he steps up and spills his guts.

I am sitting here, listening to APC, talking to a guy I have known since the night I lost my virginity. DAMN I have known him for awhile. LMFAO!! Shout out to my Sensei... ::Giggle:: Sometimes, I wonder if way back then, they looked at me and whispered among themselves "The Force is strong in this one." And that's why I got to watch and learn. Or if I just ninja'd them with my mad skillz. I am pretty sure if word got back to the other one, it would surprise him that I can pull what I do, when I want to. Sensei wasn't all that shocked. But I don't think he ever doubted me. I think he watched me play cute stupid girl too much to believe anything I said or did after that. lol. That is my strongest game. I can play bimbo like you wouldn't believe. The only thing Sensei is surprised about is that I am single. Excerpt from our conversation last night??

Sensei : so whats up with you and why are you not taken yet young grasshoppah?
Me: Because there's not many guys king enough to snare the queen
Sensei: yeah.. well you know what u gotta do so handle it


Sounds like a Don talking to an underboss doesn't it? 'Just get it done, you know the rules. Stop fuckin around and get laid.' (said in my best Vito Corleone voice)  I had to laugh. I go by three names with him... Brat (his favorite thing to call a female.) Grasshoppah (because I learned three quarters of my boy brain from him and his cousin.) And Baby Girl... come to think of it, all the guys from that group called me that. Hmmmm... Anylaid... I am playing Miss DJ right now, and all the shit I am listening to on youtube he's asking me to pass to him. I should totally play something lame just to get him. 

Anyone up for some Milli Vanilli??


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