Sunday, February 19, 2012

Is your dream girl a real girl?

Dream girls... You all have one. What's she like? Is she tall and lithe and ice blonde with piercing eyes? Is she petite and curvy and every inch girl next door? I bet I can tell you about her personality... She's a real girl, right?

Real girls are loyal.
Real girls will stand beside you in a fight, and behind you when you need pushed.
Real girls will hold your hand when you need her.
Real girls will be honest with you.
Real girls know when to be classy and when to be trashy.
Real girls know what ride or die means, and live by that shit.
Real girls will smile and suffer to be with you while you are doing your favorite thing, even if she hates it.
Real girls know what it's like to hurt and be hurt, and it makes her more conscious of what she says/does.
Real girls will know your secrets, and will keep them.
Real girls won't laugh when you tell them your biggest fears.
Real girls will rearrange their lives to make sure you can fit in.
Real girls know how to balance you with their kids, jobs, friends, and extended families.
Real girls will offer to help carry your stress, so it's not such a heavy burden for you.
Real girls will let you be their hero just for listening.

Real girls also know how to pull off every dirty little trick in the book.



  1. THIS IS PERFECT!!! I love ALL your blogs, BUT this one really hits home :)

  2. Always enjoy your posts, keep on rockin' girl! Keep on rocking!

  3. But men NEVER do any of this for us. So why should we?!?! As for the last one, it takes a lot more then that to be my hero. I EXPECT them to listen just like they expect me to listen. If they expected me to do everything on this list I WOULD EXPECT THEM TO DO IT ALSO!!!! You made some very good points that I would do. Then you threw stuff on this list make us sound like their lap dog in heat. That is not me. You should always be TRUE TO YOUR SELF not his lap dog in heat!!!!!

    1. Jen, you must be around the wrong guys. Most guys will give what they get. I didn't throw anything on this list that makes anyone sound like a lap dog. I listed the things that every female I know does in a good solid relationship. And I don't know one guy in my whole life that EXPECTS me to listen to them, and I don't EXPECT any of them to listen to me... But the ones that DO listen... get hero status for a time. Jus' sayin'....