Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do you see it?

Yes, it's a commercial. It's a commercial you have probably seen a million times. Did you really watch it tho? I know, I know... It's a nice fuckin commercial... hotness all around... But go back and really really watch it this time. I'll wait.

Did you see it? That few seconds of this commercial that I would be interested in pointing out to my peoples? At 0:17 you see a beta get Alpha'd. Okay... I will wait again... ::sighs and crosses arms.:: Just 3 seconds and BAM it was done. That beta knew where he stood.

Could you do that? Can you pull the attention away from someone else that easily? Do you understand WHAT it is that gives some that power and others lack it? Some people would say it's confidence, some would say it's sex appeal, some say it's pheromones. I think it's Factor X.

I uploaded a pic on the page that I think is the ingredients for Factor X. Here it is...
Gorilla Testosterone for physical size and arrogance. Courage, because how you going to be a hero if you don't have the guts to? Dragon Sweat for whimsy, strength and heart. Fire Extract for passion, you gotta be able to take the heat. Rhinoceros Blood for that never back down, never lose, personality trait. Doe Urine just for the simple fact of, you could provide. If we're stranded in the wilderness, you could take down a buck and we wouldn't starve.
That is sexy. Add to that the physical attributes that said female finds attractive. Shake, let steep for a few years and serve. Preferably naked. ;)

I was sittin here, watching this commercial for the millionth time, and I noticed how easily that guy beta'd the other guy. And I thought... I wonder who else noticed this? And felt I must blog about it. So... I did. It's not my best work, but I am tired and my mystery burn is still hurting, and my neck is acting up again.

I am going to go to sleep now, because my time with Nan is over in the morning, and it's home to Sissy B's. Gotta pack and get ready for my move, and then my trip right after that.


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  1. There is nothing more amusing than watching a guy try to get her attention back on him.