Monday, February 6, 2012

Where do you fit?

So, the latest thing is the Greek grading system. Some guys like to spout their "Alpha Male" status... but really... are they? And if they are.. what level of Alpha are they? In my humblest of Slutty opinions, there's more than just ONE level of Alpha. Women can be Alpha too. We'll talk about them too. I am Omega, which at first glance seems like a bad thing... but just hold up... you'll understand.

beta. Men who are beta are typically cuckolds, pussy whipped, EnVogue Playas. They dream of the day they can be smooth and have women fawning over them. But really, women don't fawn over weak men. A sadistic woman (no shame, just being real) would relish having a weak man.... but most women, want someone stronger.  beta males are typically shorter, softer looking, quiet, and mousy. Women who are beta are normally the dumb broad who lets the 'wanna be alpha fuck' beat the shit out of her. She's meek, unintelligent and quiet.
*You never capitalize the word beta when used in this way. It's showing the subordinate role of the rank.

1st level Alpha. A first level Alpha isn't *the* bad ass, but could be with some work. Got some skills with a little bit of game. Knows what they want, but against a higher level will fold. Almost all Alphas are decent looking, males are typically tall and broad. Females are generally very feminine or can look uber femme. When you are speaking of any level Alpha, that shit is capitalized.

Supah Alpha. Supahs would be higher, but they've got that cockiness about them that they don't realize they aren't top of the food chain. They have that extra quality that you can't discern wtf it is that makes them sexy, but you know they are... but so do they. Supah Alphas take it the worst when they are broken. But everyone gets broken some time.

Supreme Alpha. Supreme Alphas have their shit on lock. Like mother fucking tick tick. Supreme Alphas walk by you and make your knees week. They have the confidence to take over the world, but the modesty to realize it would take work. They don't know they are Alphas, and typically... the second they realize it, they demote themselves to Supah... if they truly believe they are THAT perfect, they kill it. And that becomes the flaw they have.

Mother fucking Omegas. An Omega is someone unassuming, nice and warm and intelligent and trouble. You don't see an Omega coming. He's your best friend's older brother. She's the girl you never intended to fall for. No matter what level you were, it means nothing now. The Omega is the end-all be-all. They don't even TRY. That's what makes them such a perfect weapon. They are just them. They don't have to run the game for anything more than to keep themselves entertained. Their personality just FITS. They have the most adorable quirks and flaws. They are your END (Omega) GAME. It's not unusual to fall for the Omega. It doesn't mean they set out for it... or that they meant for it to happen... it just did. The Omega will try not to hurt you, but will probably not be obtainable... Until they meet their own Omega.

*I* am a mother fucking Omega. I have my flaws, but they make me endearing. It's easy to fall in love with me because I am a pleaser, I want to make your life easier, better, smoother, fuller, whatever you are lacking, I want to fill your life with it. If you are good to me, I am good to you. I am not like this for everyone... but those I deem worthy of attention typically get special treatment. This makes me sparkly I guess. I don't do it intentionally SOME times. I do turn on the charm sometimes for the single minded purpose of getting an ego boost, but never full watt, and never as an end game. Hell... there have been times when I KNEW I could Omega someone, who I maybe should have, and didn't.

And you don't have to be a pleaser to be an Omega, we all have different qualities that make us whatever level we are. Just because this guy is an Alpha because he pays his bills, doesn't mean you aren't an Alpha because when you wrap your arms around someone they feel the safest they have ever been in their lives. Jus sayin, if you aren't happy with where you are... work for a higher level. You control where you land on the ladder.



  1. Fuckn awsum blog ;)

  2. I like this :)my name is Johnboy and I found you on FB.

  3. Like begets like. Never heard my existence so perfectly stated or identified, thanks slut. Muthafuckin Omega checkin in.

  4. I just LOVE reading your stuff cos it's so just real <3 Cazzy

  5. omega+omega= disaster

    1. Omega+Omega= Forever. SCARY SHIT RIGHT THERE!!! lol