Friday, February 10, 2012

I hate rant

I hate

...shaving for no reason. Seems pointless. If no one is going to be touching me, why bother? Or if I am going to be wearing thigh high socks, why should I bust out my razor? You are going to want me to keep them on anylaid.

...being ignored. I FUCKING HATE IT. If you don't want to talk to me, just tell me it's a bad time, don't just ignore me. Makes me want to claw people's eyes out. Fer seriousness. Be a grown up. You don't ignore an attention whore and not realize that shit isn't put on a ticker somewhere in my head, the score will eventually be evened.... You've been warned. lol

...smelling absolutely yummy and no one noticing. Sounds stupid doesn't it? But look... I was married to someone for a long time that when asked "What is your favorite smell?" would answer "Her." I like smelling pretty. Someone should like smelling me dammit.

...not knowing where I stand. Not knowing what's expected of me. Being unsure bugs the fuck out of me. I can't stand it. It's not that I can't handle being knocked off my center... it's that I don't know how to react if I don't know what's expected. I don't want to step on toes, or piss anyone off, take too much or not take enough. I also prefer to know where I stand so I am not getting mindfucked.

...which forces me to list mindfucks. I am reminded at this moment of a poor dear I am utterly in love with... she's going through a serious mindfuck right now. Her million miles away best friend/benny when she's around him, just informed her that he wants to 'explore a possibility of something more than bennies.' No problem, no mindfuck there... oh and btw, he wants her to give him babies too. MINDFUCK!!!!!!!!!! Hate it hate it hate it.

...cockblockers. Seriously. I'm sorry you aren't getting laid. But if *I* can, why would you stop me? Don't you want me to get mine? I wouldn't stop you from getting yours!! Even if I ain't gettin mine!! I just don't get it. Haters gonna hate tho right? (That's kinda what I am doing right now, hatin'... but it's different... it's ME hatin. lol) I ain't hatin on you for tryin to get a nut. So it's worlds different.

...judgy bitches. This goes for both sexes. Yeah, that's right fucker, I don't care if you are packin serious heat in them jeans, you judge me and get shitty with me, you are a bitch. I do what I want. You are not the boss of me. And not to get all prison tat philosophical on you but... Only God can judge me... so fuck off.

...people who cheat and give their partner some funky shit then blame the partner. It's shady and just-- well-- you need horsewhipped. Granted, the innocent party should have not let the gettin it in happen without balloons, because a party isn't a party without them.... but jebus christos. Own your mistakes.

...being called stupid. This is a deal breaker for me. I will stop being someone's friend over this. I can.not.handle. being called stupid. This is worse than calling me a whore or a cunt or a bitch or whatever you want to call me. Call me stupid and I black out, I am NOT stupid. You can say I am dumb, you can say I am unintelligent, but not stupid. It's a childhood thing. I don't care. It's a button word. Fuck off.

There are a bunch more things to list, but my eyes are burning.



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! Yes, I'm yelling again. You made me *snort* giggle.

  2. I agree with you on all but one. I cannot go without shaving, even if no one is gonna see or feel it. I just do not feel clean if I don't shave. And then that hair rubs on the inside of my pants or socks, it's just downright uncomfortable.

  3. Love this!!! It's like you read my mind!

  4. ::giggle:: I agree! Call me stupid and I'll smack you. Ignore my sweet "VS Pure Seduction" smell and I'll shun you. But, I still ADORE my epilator! Rips those hairs out for a few weeks *sweet heaven*